You’re using QR codes for your real estate business by now, right?

I should probably begin by saying that I’m a self proclaimed and unapologetic Internet and technology junky.  The latest technological marvel rarely escapes my grasp. The combination of screens, keyboards, mice, and other communication devices in my office draws comparison to mission control at NASA.

My tablet with 3G access is the newest addition to my accessibility arsenal (I had to brag a little).

And of course I never leave home without my smartphone (you’ll see where this is going soon).

But that’s enough about my devices for now.  Let’s talk about my newest infatuation: QR codes.

You know what QR codes are, right?  If you don’t yet, you will.  And after reading this, you’ll begin to notice them everywhere.

QR codes, or quick response codes, are basically square images with black and white dots that link to a specific web page, image, song, document or anything else on the Internet; kind of like a 21st century bar code. Users scan the image using the camera and a reader on their smartphone (free apps are available on all platforms) and are taken to the target destination.  It’s quick, simple and highly effective.

Here is an example of one I made recently.  It references one of my favorite inspirational posters.  If you already have a code reader, go ahead and scan this code:

Recording labels often put them in magazines so that readers can download a free MP3 instantly.  Hard Money Bankers recently had a booth at a real estate expo.  I printed out a large QR code that referenced our website and displayed it on the table.  As patrons stopped by, they could scan the code and be taken directly to our home page where they can get more information, fill out an application, or simply make note of the webpage to view later.

And the best part, QR codes are unlicensed and FREE to use.  Finding free QR code generators on the Internet merely requires a search using your favorite search engine.   Enter the URL into the QR code generator and you’ll be given an image that you can save or print and place anywhere.  I’ve seen and scanned QR codes on business cards, fliers, bandit signs, listings distributed to potential buyers, for sale/rent signs, food labels, beer bottles, sides of buildings, t-shirts, tattoos… OK maybe not tattoos yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Imagine the head start you could have if a potential buyer scans your QR code printed on a listing sheet and can pull up endless information, pictures, and data that you simply can’t fit on a single piece of paper.  Without a QR code, your potential buyer would have to go home, sit down at their computer, remember your URL, and then get the additional information. This could be hours later and they may have seen many properties since.

You can also place QR codes on for sale signs in the front yards of your listings. Anyone driving or walking by can stop and scan the image and go directly to a video walk through of the property.  It’s like having an open house 24/7.  Brilliant.

Before I get too excited and blab on and on about my love for QR codes I should probably wrap this up.

Advertisers in Asia have been using QR codes for years and it looks like the technology is going to become extremely popular here too.  Getting involved now would put you ahead of the curve (and your competitors).

Now go open a new tab, find a QR generator, put your website’s URL in the box, get a code and start using it.  Maybe one day I’ll scan your code too.

Let me know if I can help in any way.




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