News Digest – March 24

Only 27% of consumers now what HAMP and HARP are Read More at Home buying is cheaper than renting but why aren’t more people buying? Read More at Small homes near urban areas on the rise Read More …

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News Digest – March 10

How to raise the odds of obtaining a mortgage Read More at Foreclosures still a huge chunk of home sales Read More at Why real estate is a good investment from a tax standpoint Read More at …

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EE- Bowie, MD

Jason, thanks again for doing another loan for for me.  I really enjoy working with Hard Money Bankers on all my real estate investments.  You guys have always help us close our loans on time and keep the rehab reimbursement …

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Peter Conti & Jerry Norton’s Residential Back Flip System

Our good friend Peter Conti and his business partner Jerry Norton have discovered a brand new investing strategy that lets you make $5,000 to $10,000 per deal in just 2-3 weeks. It’s called a “Residential Back Flip.”

Their system is fast, easy, safe and extremely profitable!

With “Residential Back Flips”…

  • You don’t need any money or credit to do the deals. (Peter and Jerry fund them for you)
  • You don’t need to own or fix any houses.
  • The sellers are happy to work with you
  • You don’t need to find buyers, or do any selling.
  • And you can go from accepted deal to closing in less than 21 days

NO ONE ELSE is talking about this, and you can be amoung the first in on this secret strategy. Continue reading

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