Legally Raising & Securing Investor Capital With Attorney Michele Bresnick Walsh

When it comes to the business aspects of raising capital there are plenty of voices, opinions and knowledge on how to structure your deals with your investors. Between debt, equity, jv partnerships or a combination there is always capital available that is needed to be deployed into good deals.

But when it comes to the legal side of raising capital it always makes sense to consult an Attorney. You might be surprised if you are actually raising capital the legal way.

At this month’s virtual Meetup group we are interviewing Attorney Michele Bresnick Walsh, from Gordon Feinblatt LLC on all the best practices for raising private capital.

– Who can I raise money from
– How the pitch process can go
– Do they have to be accredited
– Is there a difference if they lend me the money VS. being an investor/owner in the deal
– Ongoing investor relations concerns
– And much much more…

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