The Importance of Working With A Good Title Company With Blake Levy Meetup Group

Any seasoned real estate investor will share the importance of having a solid title company on your side. Its not just the services they provide or the cheapest prices that attract real investors to the right title company’s. Its the knowledge, time and deals savings that will help make or break you as an investor.

We invited the guys from Legacy Settlement Services to this months Meetup event.

Topics discussed will include:

– Who does the title company represent?
– Expected Timelines for Title in todays climate
– What happens to the earnest money deposit with a defaulted buyer
– What kind of fees to be expected relative to transfer, recordation, mortgage tax, Yield Tax etc…
-Lender Title Policy vs Buyer Title Policy
– What does a title insurance policy cover
– Can we use our own lawyer to review title work
– Difference in commercial and residential deals
-Difference in Fee Simple and Ground Rent Deals
-How does the recording process work
-How can IDOT save you money
-When can you buy an entity to save on taxes

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