How To Buy, Invest, Wholesale & Lend With Your Self Directed IRA w Ryan Fischer

If you have ever been interested in investing in real estate with a Self-Directed IRA or are currently investing through your SDIRA you will not want to miss this Meetup Event.

We have invited Ryan Fischer​ from CamaPlan to our August Meetup Group. Ryan is an expert on how to structure deals inside an IRA (even if the IRA only has a little bit of money in it).

We will be walking through real-life case studies on:

– Using a SDIRA to buy properties (for a flip, rental etc..)
– Lending money to others or raising capital from investors that have funds in their SDIRA
– How to wholesale a property with your IRA
– Who is a disqualified person who you should never borrow money from or lend money too
– Advanced and creative structures like splitting up an investment deal between your SDIRA and personal name… and partial ownership interest of a business with your SDIRA

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