Will You Accept My Apology?

This article is going to be a quick one. I’ve been crunched on time. The phones are ringing. I’m about to run out and see a bunch of properties.

Before I leave, I need to offer an apology to everyone who has been reading my posts.

For the last three or four weeks I have been a little bit preoccupied. My mind and my efforts have been focused in different areas. As a result, the number of articles I’ve been posting has dropped. Starting today that will change.

I want to make it up to all the people that have been faithful followers of this blog. If you have been reading my clever (and often not so clever) quips and studying the training articles, I have a special present for you.

The reason I have been so distracted is because I have been working with my team at BirdDogInvestor.com on a comprehensive Real Estate training program. I call it my Business In a Box.

For several years I’ve noticed that most of the investors I run into – newbie’s and seasoned professionals alike – have called me asking for advice about one aspect or another of their Real Estate investing business. They all seem to be missing at least one of the pieces to their puzzle of success. I’ve seen it cost them thousands of dollars.

Real Estate investing is an incredible business. You can make $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 on every deal with no money, credit or even experience. But too often, people are missing that one piece of the puzzle that pulls every part of their business together.

As penance for my recent absence, I’m going to be holding a free training Webinar in the next week or so. This Webinar will be the first glimpse of the BirdDogInvestor.com Business In a Box.

It’s not available anywhere else.

I’ll have information on the Webinar up on the website by early next week. Make sure you schedule a seat early. This training is going to be a total game changer!

I’ve got to get going. There’s a ton of properties to see this week. Make sure you get registered for the free training Webinar and check back on Thursday for a new Real Estate 101 training article.

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