Westchester PA Hard Money Lending

westchesterpahardmoneylenderHard Money Bankers funded this nice townhouse in Westchester, PA. The Real Estate Investor needed money to purchase and fully renovate the property and HMB came in to fund the majority of the project. The investor plans to make a good size profit after it flips it in a few months. Reach out to www.hardmoneybankers.com if you need funding in Westchester PA or surrounding areas.

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  • Joe

    This was my project in West Chester and Hard Money Bankers helped me to make it happen! I was able to make a 25% return because HMB financed my rehab costs allowing me to get the job done much faster saving on carrying costs and being able to negotiate with contractors to get the best deal since I was “paying cash” Looking for my next deal now! These guys are great to deal with and very direct and prompt.

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