Weekly News Digest – October 30

We at HMB Cribs hope you had a productive week (it was a hectic one around here).  Here are some interesting news stories that you may have missed in the past week.

Behind the Scenes with a Robo-Signer

Are you as curious about what robo-signers actually do at work?  I know I was.  CNN was able to track one down and make him come clean about what they do on a daily basis.

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Foreclosures on the Rise

The foreclosure rate is still increasing, can you believe it?  From the look of things, it doesn’t look like this will change soon; the underlying causes must be remedied first.

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Extreme Business Bailout – Real Estate Edition

A federal bankruptcy judge approved the restructuring of shopping mall company General Growth Properties Inc.  The plan to save the company comes after General Growth filed the biggest real estate bankruptcy in US History.

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100 Year Old Victorian House Gets Taken Out with the Tide

The last house on an island in the Chesapeake Bay finally succumbed to Mother Nature and was washed away this week despite the efforts of a former minister.

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