We Want to Work With You! (for a long, long time)


  • Fred

    What are your rates and terms? Where will you not lend?

  • Peter Eiseman

    I am interested in working with you long term. We are currently looking at REO’s and pre-foreclosures in the Philly, Bucks and Montgomery county areas.

    We are also just getting involved with the purchase of Multi-family apartments in various markets throughout the US. We will be working in partnership with a very experienced and successful investor that has been doing this for around 6 years and now owns a few thousand units in various states. Is this something in which you might be interested in funding?


  • Mary Bennett

    Thank you Chris, for the quick response to my inquiry. I know you’re quite busy as investors & bankers and I appreciate your services. I’m looking forward to starting and maintaining a good business relationship with HMB. Much success and blessings to you and yours.

  • William Philips

    Looking at purchasing property for re-hab in the Albany, GA. and I would like to know the criteron for the property types that you will fund.?

  • Glen O Hunter

    the video sounds great wheres the loan app?

  • BruceAnn Yellowega

    Hi, do you fund wholesale deals as well? what are the terms and costs for funding either very short term for whole selling, or longer term for fix and flip.

  • Michael Brazelton

    HMB –

    Can you send me the details of what you want to see (in terms of paperwork) in order to obtain a loan, what your terms are, what percentage of ARV you lend to, etc. Perhaps you have an online brochure.



  • Joe

    It is good to have a banker that loans money as we need it to complete our real estate transactions.

  • rob clay

    hi chris,
    i’ve spoken with brian before about investing on the eastern shore but no luck.
    i feel there is alot of potential in caroline county, especially denton with the new wal mart being built as well as all the smaller stores that follow. the bottom line is i want to wholesale and fix and flip. since you won’t come to me, i’ll come to you. my decorative concrete and asphalt maintenance business brings me to anne arundel and pg counties. i need help with those markets as i haven’t studied them, but if you’ll tell me what you like to see and where i need to be that’s where i’ll go.
    i hope to start making money together soon, rob clay (problem solvers llc) 302-200-9500/ mob. 410-253-9595

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