Top 10 Takeaways from Funnel Hacking Live

We just got back from Funnel Hacking Live in Nashville, TN along with 4,500 other business owners. The impact this once of a year conference has on our businesses is unreal. We decided to compact the entire event into our top 10 HUGE takeaways that will directly impact and help real estate investors, agents and professionals.ClickFunnels (software company that puts on Funnel Hacking Live) is way more than just bad a$$ software but a community of like-minded biz owners that has really helped our companies grow. BTW, if you don’t use ClickFunnels currently that is crazy and at least watch some videos or check it out here. (This link redirects to a good video describing what it does)

It’s super easy and intuitive to create websites, sales funnels and other online assets that really covert to find sellers, buyers, lenders, clients, etc.

Our top 10 HUGE takeaways are (watch video for details):

1. Create more value for your clients, buyers, sellers, partners and vendors.
2. It’s your obligation to help your clients and do everything possible to help them.
3. The Stack works for many more businesses than you think. Even 🏠
4. Hook, Story, Offer
5. People will buy from you, like you, follow you, when they feel understood.
6. It’s all about your client and not about you. Dean Graziosi, for example
7. Shoot a video 🎥📱 every day. Use your phone, keep it simple and consistent.
8. Go all in on FB and Instagram. That is what is holding attention
9. Your customers will ALWAYS want to keep buying from you until you have nothing else to work with them on or until you offend them. (wholesale is a good example, contractors, realtors, etc.)
10. Bridge for your closes

Here is a bonus, just to see who actually watched this video… If you currently have a Click Funnels account or go and create one now and want our HMB home buying website that has pages/funnels for home buying, capital raising, wholesaling, etc… email me directly at and I will email you our exact funnel/site we have. It only works inside of Clickfunnels so you have to have an account to access it. If you have an account already or just signed up for a free trial to get one, email me at and I will share the funnel/site with you that will be cloned into your account so you have immediate access. If you don’t have a free trial of the software yet, click here (This link redirects to a good video describing what it does)

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