The Whiteboard Is Fluid. You Should Be Too.

“Be like water.”

 -Bruce Lee

Your business or project plans can be erased and recreated very easily, on the whiteboard and in life. If a strategy needs to be adjusted or recreated altogether, approaching the whiteboard is the first step toward making that happen. As seen in our funnel illustrations, we practice this fluidity on a regular basis. Our ventures have reaped tremendous rewards as a result.

In today’s world the only constants are change and disruption. Don’t allow your business or venture to fall victim to a temperamental market by creating inflexible plans that can’t be erased or altered. Use the dynamism of today’s market to your advantage. Evolve and change before your competitors do by revisiting the whiteboard often. Make adjustments before they are forced upon you. Always ask yourself if there’s anything in your business or creative practice that might be done more effectively. This is the secret to staying ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors.

When we first started our businesses, this became a ritual, especially when it came to the constant creation and recreation of our marketing funnel. We aren’t grossing millions each year by remaining stagnant. Since day one, we have been constantly revising and expanding our marketing funnel. As the needs of our business and the market have evolved, so has our funnel.

There is a fluidity to the whiteboard. Replicate it in your approach to your career and ventures, and let the results speak for themselves. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


This article is an excerpt from the book “The Whiteboard: Go from Blank Canvas to a Productive, Leveraged, & Highly-Profitable Business” by Chris Haddon and Jason Balin. Please click here to see more.




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