The Nation’s Best Real Estate Market Is…

As of the 4th quarter 2010, the nation’s best real
estate market is…The Washington DC Metro
Area!! (according to the S & P and Case Shiller
Home Indices).

From the 4th quarter 2009 to the 4th quarter
2010, the DC Area rose by 4.1% while the national
average was a decrease of 4.1%.

See the full article here:

As you probably know, we are based in the DC
Area (made up of DC, Northern VA and MD
suburbs) and we have certainly seen the appreciation
this article is talking about.  Of course, not every deal
we saw was a home run, but we did witness a number
of success stories…even a few 100k+ profits on flips.

If you are looking for hard money in this area (we consider
other markets too), please make loan application here:

Happy Investing!!

Jason, Jeff, Chris, Ben and Bryan
Hard Money Bankers, LLC
HMB Cribs Bloggers

Ps–  Did you catch the webinar last week with
Peter Conti “Buy Your First Apartment Building”?
It was a big hit with our blog’s readers.  Catch the
replay here:

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