The HOT Real Estate Market in 2012

Let me start by saying, there is
plenty of money to be made in any
real estate market.

No matter what the situation in the
economy, in the local housing market,
stock market, whatever, there is money
to be made in real estate if you buy
the right property at the right price.

There are ripe deals in your town
right now.

That being said, our market of DC/MD/VA
is hot right now.  And in certain neighborhoods,
really hot.

Trust me, I see the sales prices when our clients
sell their properties.  And I know what they bought
for and how much they spent on rehab.

In other words, I know what their profit margin is.
And it’s ridiculous.  Our people are making some sick
money this year, just like they did last year.

Whether you’re in the DC area or elsewhere, there
are great deals in your backyard.  Go get them.
Get that six-figure flip in 2012.

And feel free to call us for financing.  We’re here to help.


Jason, Jeff and Chris
Hard Money Bankers
HMB Cribs Bloggers

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