The Evolution of a Rental Property Portfolio

Chris and Jason are talking about how to handle an evolving rental portfolio. They get into what to do if you only have 1 property and work their way up to a booming 20+ property business. They say that with 1-3 properties you can probably take care of everything yourself, but once you get up to 20+ properties, you will need a full time portfolio manager. Watch to learn all about the different stages of property management in between and how to manage your rental property portfolio as it expands!

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  • Jed Spencer

    Nice segment; interesting information on scale -up. Qq: your numbers discussed in the video when you say 1-3, 5, etc – are you talking #s of physical locations, or doors/units? I.e., do you consider a triplex 3 properties, or 1?
    Thanks again

    • Jason

      Thank you! Most of our units are single family or townhouses with a few 2-unit (family) properties. I think it would be a little easier to manage two x 3 units (6 total units) than 6 separate units but try to figure out what works best for you. We learned quickly that having others help manage our units was the only way to grow.

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