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Have you ever seen that show on the History Channel called Swamp People? It’s a snapshot of the lives of people who make their living hunting crocodiles in the swamps of Louisiana. I get excited every time I watch that show. Shotguns and fangs. Southern drawls and open water. These people choose to make their living hunting prehistoric left overs that want to rip them limb from limb.

All I have to do is find a few good deals.

My name is Josh Weidman and I’m a Real Estate Investor. For the last 5 years I’ve been knee deep in the investment swamps and have seen lucky, privileged and talented enough to find my fair share of monsters gators. I currently own and run Atlas Property Management LLC where we manage over 300 houses and apartment units in the Philadelphia market place. I also mentor a group of investors and sell an investment product online at TheBirdDogInvestor.com (excuse the shameless plugs).  I have wholesaled over 250 properties and flipped several dozen houses. These last few years have been a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot about the business and about myself.  And ever since I bought my first Carlton Sheets’ course from an infomercials when I was 16, Real Estate is a topic I love to be immersed in.

When the guys at Hard Money Bankers asked me to get involved as the resident Real Estate Trainer, I was honored by the opportunity. Of course I said yes!

For the next few months I’ll be bringing you my whimsical and entertaining blog posts whenever I see anything in the news that I think is noteworthy. I’ll also be on the lookout for opportunities for our readers to further their knowledge and increase their income. We’ll be increasing the frequency of our blog posts and videos, offering informational webcasts from other worthy professionals, and all-in-all providing an interesting place to visit and interact.

So as you join us in the upcoming weeks, please give us some feedback. If you’d like to see a topic that we haven’t yet covered, let us know. Did you find the magic potion to that allows you to make money investing in your underwear (please do not send pictures)? We want to hear about it. Do you think I’m wrong (I think this has only happened once)? Give it to me. We want you involved.

Leave your shotguns at home and your gators in the swamp. But bring your minds and your opinions to the discussion. Now let’s get started making some money together.

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  • Nena

    Thank you for the piece.
    The comparison with swamp people hunting pre-historic creatures is very apt.
    Again Thanks,

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