Someone asked me a really good question…


Our team was at a local real estate conference recently and a conference attendee came up to me and asked a really good question:

“So there are 3 or 4 private lenders around here today, why should I work with Hard Money Bankers?”

Well I’m glad you asked 🙂

Business 101 tells us that any company needs to be very clear on how it stands out from its competition.

So here’s ours:

1.  Fast and effective.  Over the years we have closed 750+ loans and I don’t remember ever missing a closing date.  In fact, we’re usually pushing the title company and everyone else to the table.

2.  Mad dough.  We keep about 20 million outstanding in the loan portfolio and have the capital to do another 20.  Got deals?

3.  True partner.  Need help comping a deal?  Have a legal question?  Call in any time to chat with our underwriter or attorney.  We’re here for you.

4.  Investing in your success.  Anyone who closes a loan with us gets a free, lifetime membership to our tools and training website,  You are also invited to client-only monthly training in our office.

5.  Private Chef.  This one is brand new.  If you close a loan with us, you’re invited in to meet the HMB team and have lunch with us made by our private Chef.  Yep, we’re that serious about taking care of our clients.

6.  Non-recourse loans to your self-directed IRA.  No other lender does this and we figured out how.

If you would like to try out the client experience with HMB, please make loan application here:

You’ll be glad you did.

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