Save The Economy. Get a Divorce.

Want any easy way to figure out if the recession’s over?

Look at divorce rates.

The U.S. Census Bureau this past week released data from its 2010 American Community Survey, which revealed that divorces in this Country grew by almost 1MM in 2010 to 26,996,203 people (I think I’ll hit the singles bar tonight).

And this follows data showing that the Country was at all-time separation and divorce lows in 2008, when the economy was truly sucking wind.

This all makes sense, of course.  When the economy is booming, the unhappy partner has plenty of money to run away and start anew.  On the other hand, when the economy is struggling and money’s tight, that free basement in the house doesn’t look so bad, even if you do have to expend energy every day flipping your spouse the bird.

With all the talk of double-dip recession, I’m sure divorce and separation rates will go down this year.  This could jeopardize the economic recovery.   I have done my duty to this Country.  If you want to be a true American, see a divorce attorney immediately.  Think about how quickly real estate would recover if another 1 million singles needed new housing!

Take a peek at 15 more hilarious, yet uncanningly accurate, economic indicators from Business Insider:


–          Marine Ad Index

–          Latvian Hooker Index

–          Men’s Underwear Index

–          Hot Waitress Index

–          Beer Consumption Index

–          Japanese Hair Cut Indicator

–          Hemline Index

–          Popcorn Index

–          Car Salesman Indicator

–          Google Search Index

–          Toys and Crayons with Kid’s Meal Indicator

–          Baked Bean Index

–          Lipstick Index

–          Skinny Tie Indicator

–          Speed Contractors Return Calls Index


See them all at:


Til’ next time, Jeff

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