Real Estate Investing: A Tool to Lifestyle Re-Design

Yesterday I woke up thinking about today’s article. I planned to share a witty comparison between my newly found love for Jui Jitsu grappling and my experience with Real Estate investing. By 10:30am, that plan went out the window.

I was elbow deep in ornaments and decorations as my family commenced with the post-Christmas cleanup. Beneath one of the boxes I heard my phone ring. It was my Mom. She called to let me know that a close, long-time family friend had a heart attack on New Year’s Eve. I felt like everything around just me stood still.

I’ve known Marty since he was in high school. Growing up, he was one of my local sports heroes. I watched him play football and wrestle at Milton Hershey School where he placed 3rd in the Pennsylvania state wrestling championships. Marty was also my baby-sitter. Over the years he’s become as close to a big brother as I’ll ever have.

When I heard this 43 year old friend had a heart attack, the news came as a slap in the face – for a few reasons.

First, Marty’s heart attack was a reminder of my own mortality. I’m 34. Forty-three does not seem so very far off. At some level we all know how our story will end. But no one likes to face the reality that life has one inevitable outcome. What caught my attention was the possibility that my infinite rest might be a lot closer than I thought.

Second, I have an unreturned voicemail on my phone from September. Marty was passing through and wanted to say hi. Every day I’ve meant to call him, but just never seemed to get around to it. In fact, we’ve talked about going out fishing for years (he’s a fisherman by trade), but it’s never happened.

Third, I realized that my business of Real Estate investing has provided me with the opportunity to confront my challenges and personal short comings.

Real Estate investing is an incredible business. It provides the opportunity to make a 6-figure income by doing just a few deals each year. At the Insider Access event last fall, we talked about how to implement a plan to reach the goals of each attendee.

I know New Year’s resolutions are cliché, but I think the time has come for me to sit down and seriously evaluate my goals. This year I’m going to focus more on my friendships and my health. Maybe I’ll spend a few less hours working each day. I’ll certainly plan to get in a few Jiu Jitsu workouts every week.

As we enter this New Year, I encourage you to look closely at what you want to achieve. Real Estate investing is an incredible tool to be used to meet financial needs, while pursuing the goals that make a life.

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