Pay-Per-Click Advertising

One of the first high-leverage strategies that we employed at Hard Money Bankers was an ad-click campaign. It is the most basic online marketing sequence.

Here is how it works: You create and run a pay-per-click ad online. The ad-click moves your target audience to a “landing page” (i.e., a web page designated for new traffic). Once on the landing page, the consumer is offered something for free. When we first created an ad-click campaign, for example, we offered a free lending report.

In order to receive the free gift, the consumer registers their name and e-mail on the website. They are then inserted into an e-mail sequence through which they receive a series of follow-up e-mails that encourage them to become a customer.

This has been a highly effective marketing tool for us. We’ve had a pay-per-click ad campaign running nonstop since 2008. With the exception of minimal maintenance, we haven’t needed to invest any additional work in the campaign, but it has been working overtime for us. To date it has produced seven figures of gross profit and ten times the revenue of our advertising budget.

The fact that you can measure the results produced from these ad campaigns makes them an especially effective tool for any venture. Now that’s high-leverage.



This article is an excerpt from the book “The Whiteboard: Go from Blank Canvas to a Productive, Leveraged, & Highly-Profitable Business” by Chris Haddon and Jason Balin. Please click here to see more.



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