My 2013 Brain Diet

I want to share one of my New Year’s resolutions with you.  You see, I’m putting myself on a diet of sorts.  Not a biological diet, rather a mental diet.  Just like someone would eat better and exercise if they wanted to lose weight, I’m replacing bad mental stimuli with good ones and using my brain for productive uses.  I’m looking to improve my brain’s “health”.  Again, I’m not talking about biological health, I’m talking about improving the way I think.

I’m starting by reading more books.  I’m looking to read books that are not only enjoyable, but that are going to help improve my brain as well.  While pretty much every book is better than watching TV, I’m sticking to a diet of books that help improve my thinking and mental capacity.  The first one is a beginner’s book about Zen.  I’m not looking to achieve enlightenment or anything, but I have heard good things about Zen practitioners’ ways of thinking.  I chose the book because I feel it will help me overcome mental obstacles.

I also have begun a brain training regimen on a website dedicated to improving brain function.  This is the exercise part of my diet.  Instead of playing Words with Friends for hours a day, I’m going to spend that time doing brain training exercises that are designed to improve brain health.  This should help in areas of mental organization, memory and creativity.  Plus, the exercises are kind of fun so it’s a win-win.

The third area of my mental diet is to have a more positive outlook across the board.  There is a lot to be said for keeping a bright outlook.  If you think good things, good things will happen.  I’m not sure why it works this way but it does.  Try it out sometime.

If you’re looking for another New Year’s resolution, think about a brain diet.  It will help in all areas of your life and you never know, you just may lose weight!

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