Look Out! Man Overboard! (Free Videos)

Do you get upset when someone un-friends you on Facebook?

Maybe I’m too thin-skinned, but I actually feel dejected when someone “un-friends” me – even if I don’t know the person!

I happened to check our HMB Facebook “like” tab and noticed that we lost one person last week. Someone who liked us now doesn’t like us. He jumped ship.

What happened?

If you’re out there (and you know you are), did we not pay enough attention to your emotional needs? How did we drift apart like this?

Would you consider coming back?

Would you give us just one more chance?

We’ll change. I promise.

If you come back, we’ll even give you some more free real estate stuff…

I’ve recently been blogging about why people are afraid to get into commercial real estate and how one might overcome that fear.

I spoke with a friend of mine, Peter Conti, about this. He is a nationally recognized author on the subject of commercial real estate. He wrote the book, “Commercial Real Estate For Dummies,” and he is a mentor for investors trying to break into the commercial arena.

Because he is a friend, I got Peter to give me 7 free commercial real estate training videos for our readers. You can watch the first 3 videos here:

Why commercial real estate?

Which commercial property is right for you?

How to quickly evaluate any commercial property.

I’ve got 4 more coming next week, so stay tuned for that.

Also, I got Peter to agree to do a webinar on commercial real estate and how to buy your first commercial deal in 90 days. That will happen on February 17th, and we’ll get you some more info on that as it comes in. For now, just mark the date on your iPhone calendar.

If you’ve been tinkering with the idea of commercial investing, you may want to follow these posts, get up-to-speed, and jump in.

And please, please make sure you don’t de-friend us, or we’ll hunt you down as well.

Til’ next time, Jeff

P.S. If you need any of the following, I can help:

-> Title Services
-> Creative Real Estate Transactions / Contracts
-> Private/Hard Money Lending

Office: (800) 883-8290

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