Chatham Lane, Annapolis, MD 21403


This is a joint venture with a repeat borrower to acquire and rehab an investment property. The property is being purchased under market value from a seller that has moved out of the home and out of state for $155,000 (which is about 15-20% lower than most investor purchases in that area) and needs rehab work (around $55,000 to replace carpet, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, some drywall replacing, some mold remediation in the basement, paint and landscaping). The borrower is strong with a 700+credit score, experience flipping properties and 15-20k cash into this project. We have done 4 successful transactions with this Borrower.


Loan Type: Purchase
Loan Amount: $210,000 1st Mortgage
Value of Subject Property: $ 325,000
Loan to Value: 65%
Term requested: 12 Month Balloon
Investor return: 12%
Exit Strategy: Resell property
Credit Score 700+


The pros are:

The lender will have good collateral on an investment property with minimal construction needed. The borrowers have strong credit, good assets and experience. Plus, HMB will be actively involved with the construction work being done.

The cons are:

The Borrower’s exit strategy of selling could take longer than expected in this market.