Collecting on a $2 Trillion Industry

If you have rental properties, you probably realize that evictions are a necessary (and unwelcomed) part of being a landlord. The prime focus of an eviction is to get the dead-beat tenants out of the house. Often it can be difficult or impossible to recover the lost rent and cost to repair damage to a neglected unit.

I always feel a little used walking out of the courtroom.

Though I’ve done nothing wrong, my victory is a piece of paper demanding the tenant pay. Even with that judgment in hand, I know there is little chance of ever seeing any of that cash. My eviction attorney offers assistance with collections. But my success rate for collecting on judgments has been sporadic at best.

When I sat down with the HMB Team last month to discuss our informational seminar for May, they brought up a judgment lien program that a friend of theirs just developed. Mike was making a killing taking advantage of this largely undiscovered market. So I was intrigued as I reviewed his training. In a nutshell, Mike has streamlined the process of locating judgments, and he shows you how to turn those liens into a lot of cash. The system is solid. It has a lot to offer. And it’s something I plan to impliment into my property management business.

Mike’s Judgment Lien program isn’t just for landlords or people who have uncollected judgments.

His system explains how this $2 Trillion industry can result in some serious returns.

HMB Gangsters Jason Balin and Chris Haddon have worked with their friend on projects in the past. In fact they’re very close. When they reached out to him to talk about his Judgment Lien program, Mike offered to share his free e-training. To get this incredible, free information, CLICK HERE.

I recommend you check it out. It’s worth the read.

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