Joint Venture Rehab Deal in Annapolis, MD (Success Story!)

In addition to lending money to our clients, we also offer to partner with them on rehab deals as a Joint Venture.  This is one we are doing now in Annapolis, MD.  We just put it on the market and we are looking at a substantial profit in the near future.

Check out the before/after video.  And if you are interested in applying for a joint venture please do so here:





  • Marcel

    Nice job, looks good. Were they the same kitchen cabinets? Can you send me some info on what you look for to do a JV deal.

    • Ben

      Not sure about the cabinets specifically, I’ll have to ask our JV partner. As far as what we’re looking for, it all starts with finding a property being sold for under market value. After that, its running the numbers to make sure you can do construction and leave enough after sale for profits for both of us. You can email me at with more questions.


  • Alex

    Hi do you guys partner up with people with poor credit and lil money? but have an good deal?

  • Alex

    Thankx for the info but wat if my good deal is in Illinois like Chicago or Rockford? and my deals are all 50% OFF FMV with a FRV of $100k

  • wayne

    I would like to get a partner to finish a project in silver spring, maryland.

    What terms come with potential partnership?

  • Alex

    Hi Wayne i’ll partner up with u i got great wholesale deals but need cash buyers we can do 50/50 i will put da deals under contract and u can me find a cash buyer contact me via email:



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