Hard Money Bankers Executives, Jason Balin and Chris Haddon, are Featured on Entrepreneur.com

This is the press release announcing Chris Haddon and Jason Balin as contributors to Entrepreneur.com. Check out their entire Entrepreneur library. To see the original article, posted on Yahoo! on August 17, 2017, click here.


Hard Money Bankers Executives, Jason Balin and Chris Haddon, are Featured on Entrepreneur.com

Balin and Haddon Post Blogs and Videos to the Website about a Number of Topics Pertaining to Entrepreneurship

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2017 / Jason Balin and Chris Haddon, executives from Hard Money Bankers, are pleased to announce that they are featured bloggers on Entrepreneur.com.

To check out some of Balin’s and Haddon’s recent blogs and accompanying videos, please visit https://www.entrepreneur.com/author/chris-haddon-and-jason-balin.

As a company spokesperson noted, Balin and Haddon are both honored and excited to be regular contributors to Entrepreneur.com and provide weekly videos and blogs about a number of subjects related to being an entrepreneur. The pair has acquired quite a large following of people who visit Entrepreneur.com every week to read their insights and thoughts.

For example, a recent blog and video titled, “Why Your Customers Should Be Your Friends” is creating a positive buzz among readers. In the blog, Balin and Haddon examine how much a business development strategy should involve in-person meetings.

As the two note, business owners who are trying to grow their companies should not rely solely on online development, including social media.

“In-person meetings are still effective, and, more importantly, they’re a good litmus test for how you feel about your own business,” Balin and Haddon wrote in their blog.

“If you feel afraid to stand in front of someone and say confidently that your product offering will help him, then you probably need to change some part of your process.”

Another blog and accompanying video that have received a lot of positive attention from visitors to Entrepreneur.com is titled. “How Much Research Do You Need to Do Before You Invest?” In the article, Balin and Haddon offer their thoughts and advice on what entrepreneurs should and should not do when educating themselves on a new market. For example, someone who would like to begin working in real estate may realize that buying a million dollar property to flip before doing any research is probably a bad investment, but spending much smaller amounts of money can also be a poor decision.

“Spending $82,000 in real estate education – as one acquaintance did – can also deplete the reserves you need to invest in the first place,” Balin and Haddon wrote in their blog.

About Hard Money Bankers:

Hard Money Bankers provides full service self-funding for both commercial and residential real estate investors. With offices in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Hard Money Bankers provides fast and flexible financing for their customers. Learn more at http://hardmoneybankers.com/.

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