Interview with the “Pitbull” himself– Leonard Rosen

If you have been around hard money lending for any time at all, you probably know Leonard Rosen.  And if you have thought about getting into hard money lending for yourself, you have most likely considered going to Leonard’s private lending training seminar in Las Vegas.

In fact, that is exactly how Hard Money Bankers got started back in 2007.  Shortly after forming our company and closing a couple loans, we were on a plane to Vegas to meet up with the best private lenders in the country and to learn how they ran their businesses.

We are happy to say that was a very good decision.

We owe a lot to Pitbull Mortgage School and Leonard Rosen for teaching us at the beginning and for continuing to lead the industry today.

I gave Leonard a call not long ago to see if he would be interested in sharing some of his knowledge with our blog’s readers.  He happily agreed.

Please watch the video below to find out:

-How HMB first met the Pitbull

-Why hard money lending is such a great business model

-How HMB has fared in its first 3-4 years of business

-How did hard money lenders make out during the market crash…and why

-Leonard’s insights on the industry today and in the future

-The 3 ways you can get involved in hard money lending now

And if you are considering diving in (like we did) check out Leonard’s conference below.  It’s happening on March 3rd so time is running out!  Plus, aren’t you looking for a reason to go to Vegas? 😉

Sign up here:

Ps—  To get a FREE seat upgrade tell them HMB referred you!



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  • Myron Alford

    Excellent interview. Very informative. Keep up the good work.

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