Ian Walsh: Working with Hard Money Bankers

Hard Money Bankers’ VP, Ian Walsh, spoke at the Greater Real Estate Alliance of Philadelphia last week to talk about hard money lending and what to expect when working with HMB. In his presentation, Ian covers:

-What hard money is and is not.
-Creating a relationship with a hard money lender.
-The benefits of working with HMB.
-HMB’s various lending programs.
-How to make sure you have a good deal.
-How to guarantee a loan approval.
-How the entire lending process works (including construction draws).
-PLUS bonus tips on comping properties and much more!

Listen to the audio now!


  • Edward Golding

    I attended the RING on February 7, 2017. You mentioned that you used post cards to market your business. Do you remember which company you used. We are about to begin a post card campaign and we don’t want to get burned.

    • Hard Money Bankers

      Thanks… Ian will be happy to help with that.. email him at ian@hardmoneybankers.com thanks!

  • linda Owen

    Hi Ian the property is 6238 Sansom st 19139 I’m linda Owen husband Michael Owen his name on deed my # is (267)471-8959 Thank you

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