Video: How to Rob a Bank and Stay Out of Jail

How can you get a pile of loot from the bank and not spend time in Club Fed?

Easy – don’t get caught!

I know I’m a smart ass – but all kidding aside, wouldn’t it feel like you robbed a bank if you picked up one of their REO properties dirt cheap and flipped it for big profits?

Well, good news…

We tracked down one of the busiest bank REO agents in the Washington DC area, tied him to a chair, and squeezed him like a fresh orange – all to get him to tell us exactly what asset managers are looking for when selling bank-owned properties.

This is Part I of a two-part video. In this video series, you’ll learn, among other things:

  • Specific steps you need to take to buy a bank REO in real-life;
  • How to structure your offer to make it look irresistible to the bank;
  • When and when not to low-ball your offer;
  • How to get closing cost help;
  • What types of properties to buy;
  • Whether to buy in an LLC or individually

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~ Jason

Part 1


  • William Morningstar

    For first time investors this is very informative. Thanks

  • Braudis Pegram

    Excellent video. Informally informative. Great prelude to Part 2.

  • Kevin Despiau

    Excellent interview on REO’s and the process.

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