How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Deals

Chris and Jason are going over the six lessons of raising capital to fund real estate deals. They’ve learned these key lessons after successfully raising capital for almost a decade. Some of these tips include using the DISC personality assessment (and knowing which personalities to work with), sticking to your formula and business model, and being transparent. Watch to learn more about these examples and what the other three are, and please let us know if there are any lessons you’ve learned or if you have questions about ours.

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  • Paul Chase

    These are things I already knew from my days as a Realtor, but it’s always good to hear the reminder. Thank you for keeping me grounded.


    What other Fees are associated with your Transactional Loans (One Day Loan) other than the 4% that you charge ?

    • Hard Money Bankers

      Our Attorney charges a few hundred dollars for prepare documents. Thats it. thanks

  • casey wailes

    Thanks for the 6 points its always been very hard to get the capita. I liked your walk away if it its not right its so true.
    I myself have had problems with the presentation because the same property can be used in so many different scenarios.
    that one just tries to work get the deal done.
    Its real hard when your pool of investors are limited by your geographic area

  • Colby Wilcox

    I love your DISC point! Thinking back to the hard money lender I used on a Merion Station deal that went sour; they were definitely made up of C type personalities.. They required to know EVERY little detail and EVERY little aspect of EVERYTHING (personal life and business). Very difficult to work with for sure because the whole process was extremely slow.

  • (Pat,)Pirote Kongpat

    Dear Chris and Jason ,

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    Are you two coaching How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Deals?
    Please contact me at email and /or Cell.

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