How to Close a Deal in 48 hrs, by HMB (free video)

Take a look at this video of Jason discussing a loan we closed earlier this month….in a total of 48 hours. It was an investment property acquisition in Anne Arundel County, MD and the borrower had to meet his contract deadline.  We collected all the info, ran out there the next day, and funded a 400,000 loan the following day.  Check out the story here:

If you too have a hot deal you need to move on quickly, don’t hesitate to call

We plan to be the biggest, fastest and best hard money lender in the area.  Want to come along?   800-883-8290



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  • Ryan hard money lenders

    That’s the beauty of going to hard money lenders. They work with you at every step and try to help you in closing your deal as soon as possible.

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