How to Break Down Your Numbers on a 65% Property Purchase

Know your numbers before investing so you get the best deal with the most profit possible. Watch the video to see how Jason breaks down the costs of a 65% property investment.

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  • Berrios

    Hi My name is Ed Berrios, I am with BCB Property Experts LLC I am a new investor and just starting my real state business. I am registered to do business in Maryland and Virginia. I am a student with fortune builders and I am reaching out to you guys to see what the qualification requirements are to get a loan on a rehab property.
    I have about 20 years in the construction business I have been a contractor for about 4 years and now I want to move to a different type of business.
    My goal is to purchase flip and resale.
    Can you guys send me some information on what the steps are to get deals funded with you. Thank you for reading.

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