Go Get a Coach

Go Get a CoachWhat do all successful people have in common? I’m going to tell you. They all have coaches. They all have support systems and mentors. They all have people that push them to the next level, hold them accountable and help them grow mentally and physically inside and outside their businesses.

When you were growing up, throughout high school and college, you had teachers, counselors, tutors, sports coaches, music instructors, your parents, etc… You had a lot of support systems.

Now you are all grown up, have your own business and you decided you graduated life? Really?? That is some B.S.!

This is arguably the most important time to get a coach. You need someone who can help you and hold you accountable. Someone who can help you reach your goals, mentor you, guide you, and sometimes be an unbiased voice who you can bounce ideas off. Someone who has been down that road and will help you get there faster, more efficiently and cheaper than you can.

My business partner, Chris and I have always had many coaches, all throughout our career. We spend just as much time and energy on hiring the right coaches for ourselves as we spend on hiring the right employees that we can trust.

We have different coaches for different things—accountability, goal setting and industry mentors that know the market and the business better than we do. If you do not have a coach right now, go out and look for one. It will open your eyes to things you did not even realize. You will see very quickly that a coach will pay for himself or herself, many times over just by the extra money that you will make as a result of his or her guidance.

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