FREE Video: Is Your Long Term Investment a Long Term headache?

The real estate market can change as quickly as the weather. Real estate investors must be constantly watching the forecast to remain profitable in their investments.  Many investors are turning to longer term investments to weather the volatile real estate market storm.

One such strategy that many investors are turning to is buy and hold rental properties.  Investors have seen that a quick sale may not always be the most profitable course of action and rental income can be substantial while an investor waits for property prices to increase.

Unlike flipping properties, renting them out requires more long term attention.  Many real estate investors don’t have the time to be constantly managing their portfolio of rentals.  Property management companies have become a savior for the time-strapped investor.

Property management companies can provide valuable services such as finding tenants, performing maintenance, collecting rent, and if need be, conducting legal evictions.  In order to provide our readers with as much real estate investing information as possible, Jason Balin pulled Ian Walsh away from his busy schedule to pick his brain about what services exactly property management companies can provide and the benefits of using one.


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