Do you get the feeling your SEO company is a SCAM? (I’m doing some research)


As you probably know, having a solid Internet presence is a must in today’s business world, and real estate  is no exception.  There are many  new forms of internet marketing now but still one of the most effective  is to have your main website  show  up on the first or second page of the top search engines’ results pages (such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing) when a certain keyword  is queried.


Example: search “Maryland hard money lenders” on Google and appears.


Since occupying these tops spots can mean serious revenue and profit for a company, an industry was born known as “search engine optimization”, or SEO for short.  Companies will charge you anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars a month to “optimize” your website.

It’s a nice-sounding word, right?  I’d like to optimize everything!  But what does that really mean they are doing??


We, at HMB, have  been doing our own SEO for years to improve our search rankings, so I have learned quite a bit about  it.  I am now doing some research on what these SEO firms actually do for their clients.


Please give me some feedback!  Read the questions below and let me know what your experiences have been.  Thanks!



*Do you ever get the feeling your SEO company is a bunch of “smoke and mirrors”?


*Do you ever feel like they are just feeding you BS lines full of industry jargon?


*Are you paying $1500-3000 per month and you aren’t even sure what they are doing for you?


*Are you even sure what an SEO company should do?


*Does your company provide you monthly linking reports and SERP tracking, to show your site’s progress?


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