Do Less

As we’re moving into the new year, we take plenty of time for planning, meetings with our team, brainstorming, etc. All great stuff. I really enjoy this time of year.

A common theme is always what more can we do?  More, more, more.  There are good reasons for that thinking because many numbers in a business are meant to increase–number of transactions, revenue, profit, employees, how much we can get done in a work day, etc.

But how much thought do we give to the idea of personally doing less?  Removing some of the many, many non-essential activities to focus on the important things.  Reducing the number of moving parts required to accomplish your top-level actions.  You follow me?  Is your top-level action to make offers on properties?  Is it to manage construction jobs?  Is it to focus on marketing campaigns?  Whatever you consider your top-level actions to be, how much time do you spend on those in a given day vs. just minute “stuff” that you feel needs to be done?

do less (2)

How much time do you spend daily on a process in your business that was designed 10 years ago and hasn’t been updated since?  Can you automate more?  Delegate more?  Whatever the case may be, spend some time thinking about this.  Audit your day.  How many non-essential activities can be eliminated so that the important actions can be done?  It’s challenging but incredibly worthwhile.

Simplify.  Execute.  Improve.  Grow.

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