Business in China and Daily Routines with Entrepreneur Trey Lewellen of

Chris’s interviewee is entrepreneur and marketing pro, Trey Lewellen. Trey’s company purchases products in China and sells them in the US, all with online marketing. He and his brother started their company three and a half years ago and have quickly grown to a team of 50 with 8000 square feet of office and warehouse space.

Chris and Trey discuss the daily routines he practices to maximize his team’s performance, how he maintains his own productivity, and retirement. Additionally, they talk about marketing funnels, which is Trey’s personal strength, as well as the mastermind group of business owners that he runs.

We love the “No Problem Only” concept that his team employs in which any problem they encounter must be presented with a potential solution. Learn more from this successful and visionary entrepreneur by watching the interview.

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  • Kwami Mensah

    That was an awesome interview Chris. Excellent questions and very insightful.

  • Carlos Santiago

    Awesome interview

  • David Owen

    Great interview, Trey is a beast.

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