An Inside View from the Front Lines on the Current Real Estate Market Featuring Tony Karlicek

Jason’s guest today is Hard Money Bankers’ very own lending director, Tony Karlicek.  Tony fields most of our loan applications and calls and has unique insight into the kind of deals that are out there.  He talks about the types of inquiries he receives on a regular basis and reiterates a point that Chris and Jason have made several times–you make your money when you buy.  He also gets into the most important things an investor needs to pay attention to: knowing their market, negotiating with homeowners, and construction costs which can make or break a deal.  Tony and Jason also remind clients and perspective clients to lean on us!  We’re here to help!


  • Henry Howard

    I’m a new investor don’t have a problem getting motivated sellers,I have problem closing the deal. I have 140 cash buyers on my list, but when I send a email blast only 9 opens but never contact about the property.
    I’ve burned thru all my money trying to stay a live until I’m able to close a deal. I’ve listen to your classes from time to time, it’s now that I need help, but don’t have a lot of money to pay out.
    Any help you can throw my way it will be appreciated.

  • Jessica

    Most of my clients look for three year loan. However it seems in your video you are concentrating on flip real estate. Do you have a program which covers those who need more time than five /six month.

    Also do you do 100% or are you strictly 65% loan to value?

  • Hard Money Bankers

    Jessica… Our loan program is up to 12 months. The program works great for fix and flip investors and those who wanna renovate a property and get it rent ready before they refinance with a long term bank or lender. Yes, we lend up to 65% of the completed value. Thanks

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