4 Rental Property Financing Options

Chris and Jason are going over the pros and cons of the top four options–conventional loans, private or hard money, national or regional lenders, and commercial loans. What type of financing do you prefer to use to fund your rental property purchases?

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  • Isza Aich

    Hello Jason and Chris,

    Thanks for sharing the podcast on Rental Financing Options.
    I have a 5 unit mixed used property that needs rehabbing. Is paid off. I have a hard money lender that is willing to lend me the money to rehab it, but I was wondering If I have a chance at getting a commercial loan from a bank. I don’t need a loan to purchase, I need a loan to rehab it. Thank you in advance for any comments.

    • Hard Money Bankers

      Yea, you should try a local bank first. They will look at your financials, credit and probably will take 30-60 days to fund. If you have the time and feel you will qualify than go that route, if not, feel free to call our office at 800-883-8290. We lend in MD,VA,DC,PA and NJ. thanks

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