(4 FREE Commercial Videos) Are Investors Overcrowding The Residential Real Estate Market?

I found a nice rehab in my area the other day listed at $289,000.00. I calculated the ARV at $425,000.00. It needs $70,000 +/- worth of rehab. I offered the bank $249,000.00. The agent told me they already had multiple offers and turned down a cash offer over $265,000.00.

Without getting into a bunch of calculations, I determined that I’d be risking almost 350K to make less than 50K. Not a good trade-off. I passed.

Speaking with several local real estate agents and rehabbers, I learned this is a common story right now. What happened? I thought banks were desperate to get rid of properties?

This is purely my opinion, but here’s what I think…

The government has put most of the bad banks out of business and has bolstered the balance sheets of the remaining banks through TARP funds, etc.. Additionally, by cutting lending, banks have sufficiently protected their remaining asset bases and understand the market is in recovery mode. What does this mean for you?

First, banks don’t seem to be in any rush to get rid of inventory. They are either quietly releasing properties bit-by-bit, or selling large blocks of them to REIT’s and hedge funds (meaning you don’t have access to them – you don’t have $200MM to spend).

Second, because we are more efficient and computerized than ever, and real estate data is easily obtained on the internet, investors are evaluating deals quickly. This, in turn, allows them to make tons of offers each week (I know some making 50+ offers/week).

Finally, banks have access to this same data and can easily evaluate inventory in local markets. They also see the multiple offers coming in on their properties. Thus, in active markets banks are holding out and demanding top dollar.

Are there good deals out there? Certainly. But banks right now are not “giving away” properties like we thought they would, and it seems all this activity is cutting margins and making it more difficult to find home-run deals.

Do you agree with me? I’d love to get your stories or comments to post. Are you killing it right now or having a hard time finding deals?
If residential investing has become overcrowded in your market, commercial investing may be a better play for you. And, as promised last week, here are 4 more FREE training videos from Peter Conti, a commercial mentor:

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Finding Great Deals on Commercial Property

Contacting Brokers – How to Sound Like a Pro Even if You’re Just Getting Started

Commercial Offers That Get Accepted, But Allow You OUT if You Don’t Like the Deal

Fastest Way to Buy Commercial Without Using Your Own Cash or Credit

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Til’ next time, Jeff

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