SCAM Alert!

SCAM Alert!

It has recently been brought to our attention that a certain group of individuals marketing themselves via numerous websites, blogs and social media outlets have been using the names, photos and bios of Hard Money Bankers’ Principals in an attempt to raise capital to fund private loans.

Hard Money Bankers, LLC, and its Principals are in no way associated with the following individuals and companies:

Charles Petty

Kim Petty

Tony Brown (which appears to be an alias)

Virtual Properties

Virtual Real Estate

Visionary Publishing

If you are contacted by these individuals, please proceed with caution.  It appears they have had “scam” complaints in the past and there may be fraudulent activity occurring.

We have notified the proper State and Federal authorities as well as the web hosting companies, web domain registrars and search engines.

It’s not a happy day at HMB.  It’s not fun to know someone has stolen your name, face and bio and we sincerely hope that no investors have been defrauded by these individuals.  It’s upsetting to think that people feel that they have to run their business in this manner.  We wish these people the best of luck in finding something better to do with their lives.


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  • Tom

    Kim and Charles Petty have now ventured into the Foreign Exchange Markets. They might try to pull this same scam there … beware.

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