Woodstock Rd, Woodstock, MD 21163


The borrower is requesting a hard money loan to acquire an investment property. The property is being purchased under market value for $195,000. The borrower has a tremendous amount of experience flipping properties and does many transactions on a monthly basis. The borrower is putting up about $20K of their own cash plus fronting the construction costs. The property needs $80K in work. The borrower is strong with a 684 credit score, experience flipping properties and money in the bank. HMB has done many successful transactions with this borrower.


Loan Type: Purchase
Loan Amount: $275,000 1st Mortgage
Value of Subject Property: $450,000
Loan to Value: 62%
Term requested: 12 Month Balloon
Exit Strategy: Resell property
Credit Score 684


The pros are:

The lender will have good collateral on an investment property. The borrower has strong credit, good assets and experience. The borrower will be contributing about $20K+ into this deal plus 1st phase of construction money.

The cons are:

The borrower’s exit strategy of selling could take longer than expected in this market.