Chris Haddon began his career in real estate finance with a large commercial bank where he learned the business of lending, real estate, personal and commercial finance. This base of knowledge combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive business connections led him to found a real estate investment firm prior to starting Hard Money Bankers, LLC with his partners.
Chris’ roles with Hard Money Bankers include partner, loan originator and underwriter. He realizes that every private money scenario is different and requires the expertise of an experienced investor. His goal with our borrower and broker partners is to be a valuable resource, available for advice on any type of transaction. Chris holds a BA in Spanish from Salisbury University and the University of Seville, Spain.

Hard Money Bankers strives to be one of the premier private lending firms in the real estate community with the capacity to fund everything from residential rehab loans to multi-million dollar development projects.

Chris can be reached at or at 800.883.8290